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HipSick creates ‘unusual theatre’. By flirting with performance art, HipSick aims to induce the audience into the realm of the surreal. Their performances are a play on perception; using their own visually pungent style. The moving body is a foundational keystone in the creation process and definitive work. In spirit of the ‘unusual’, HipSick is always on the lookout for authentic and unconventional locations to perform at.

HipSick spawned from the underground party scene in 2006. They started making visual performances in clubs. Doing so, their increasing urge for substantive deepening brought them to creating full fledged shows (since 2013). Ever since, HipSick has been the unusual component to many festivals and theatres.

In addition to their shows, their vision has broadened to include styling for various media such as video clips and photo shoots, commissioned work for events and openings- as well as offering workshops in which they let attendees get a taste of their house style and their process behind the scenes.


Nadîja Roza Broekhart

Nadîja Roza Broekhart

founder, maker & performer

Sylvia Weening

Sylvia Weening

artistic supervisor & education

Stefan Julizar

Stefan Julizar

musical wizzard & technical hero

Merel ten Holt

Merel ten Holt

education & performer


Currently we are doing research for a new work . Keep an eye on our page for updates and performance dates.

#ShapeMe is a visual and physical performative installation
#ShapeMe is about the effect of social media on our self-image
#ShapeMe exposes the makeable identity
#ShapeMe is close to the skin and confronts
#ShapeMe is a battle for the perfect body
#ShapeMe challenges self-reflection on online behavior


Time Window Teilingerstraat 120 Rotterdam

Time Window is a community-in-residence of over 50 Rotterdam artists.
A sanctuary to develop and produce independent work.



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Nadîja Roza Broekhart

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Diana Roos