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Club Wellness is a project of Hipsick, D’buster & Studio Ruwedata. A once in a life time experience! Enjoy our hospitality, lets you control by our wonderful staff which fully dedicate their lives to your enjoyment.
Including: The wheel of fortune, hot tubs, cocktail bar, hostesses, pool attendant, nail studio, massage, palm trees, prodent smiles and much more. Or less. Whatever you wish for!


Year: 2015

Concept: Thijs Kelder (Studio Ruwedata), Esther Matze (D’buster), Nadîja Roza Broekhart (HipSick)

Hostesses a.k.a de Natasja’s: Anka Pajor, Merel ten Holt, Taskien Khudabux, Esther Matze, Vleer Echevarria, Nadîja Roza Broekhart, Laura van Santen, Laura Stam, Daphne Kamp

Pool attendant: Ben Bouwmeester

Mister Wellness himself: Thijs Kelder

Production: Hipsick, D’buster & Studio Ruwedata

Co-production: Bazar Bizar

Photography: Ricky Doornbos & Marije van Woerden


Opening Rotator exhibition by Studio Ruwedata @ Slash Gallery Rotterdam

Camping Heijplaat

Bazar Bizar