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Interactive Installation & Performance for 5 Spices in collaboration with Co2Ro and Marta Gonzalez // Radion Amsterdam

5 Spices. Playground of the Magical, Bizarre and Futuristic.
5 Spices Lounge events are immersive and will speak to all your senses. As you take a step into each of the Lounge events you will enter a different world, be taken on a journey and leave with an altered mindset. Dare the experiment, be surprised.
5 Spices is a new initiative centered around experiment, co-creation, and experience with a diverse group of artists.
Each 5 Spices Lounge is an multidisciplinary event and an open lab, created by another curator and group of artists / talents. The lounges combine music, dance, theatre, graffiti, food, installations, visuals and more, each time in a different setting.


Year: 2015

Concept: HipSick in collaboration with Marta Gonzalez & Co2Ro

Performance: Merel ten Holt, Vleer Echevarria, Anouk Overeijnder, Nadîja Roza Broekhart, Anka Pajor

Live Cello: Marta Gonzalez

Visuals & Light: Co2Ro

Decor: Co2Ro & HipSick

Production: HipSick

Co-production: LiteSide & West-End-Art

Photography & Video: Mikki Sindhunata