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Vulnerability is a part of all our lives. But we like to disguise and hide it. We hide it behind our faces, clothing, stereotypes and routines.
Delikaat exposes the lifetime of an old lady. It shows fragments of her past and present, amidst her disorientation. Familiar yet surrealistic situations shows you what life can be about.


Year: 2015

Concept & Performance: Merel ten Holt, Vleer Echevarria, Nadîja Roza Broekhart, Anka Pajor

Movement Director: Tjarda van Straten

Music & Light: Stefan Julizar

Special Thanks to: Anouk Overeijnder

Graphic Design: Angeliek Ontwerpt

Photography: Angeniet Berkers


Maandag Variaties Veurne (BE)

Gevleugelde Stad (BE)(4x)

Sonsbeek Theater Avenue (9x)

Mooi Weer Spelen (4x)

Mooi Weer Spelen preview

Valkhof Theater Avenue (9x)

Delft Fringe (2x)

Rotterdam Garden

Delftse Maakweken