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For Motel Mozaique 2017 in Rotterdam, HipSick partnered up with a movement called SINFLØD.

We want to bring the climate problems closer to people’s world of experience, making the intensity tangible. SINFLØD is our answer to the urgency of climate change, from an unexpected angle. Looking for a different perspective to spread this pressing story, we connect climate change with the dark symbolism that is leading in the metal music scene. We moved away from the iconography that is so commonly associated with this subject: documentaries, infographics and journalistic approaches. The start of SINFLØD is a fact.


Year: 2017

Concept SINFLØD : Hats & Tales

Concept performance: Nadîja Roza Broekhart for SINFLØD

Movement director: Tjarda van Straten

Performers: Piet Moerenhout, Steven Pontolaeng, Nadîja Roza Broekhart, Jolien Geerlings, Tjarda van Straten

Photography: Salih Kilic