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HipSick got to do some performing and styling in this videoclip by AKB.

In 2016, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band celebrates its twentieth anniversary with the release of a special album: Oyoyoy. On their fourteenth album, the band searches for the heart of their musical inspiration and explores the boundaries of their own eclectic and influential style. As a bonus, the AKB invited five friends to remix some of the new songs. The result: seven infectious Klezmer tracks that keep traditional music fresh, urgent and very danceable. Oyoyoy is the natural next step in the evolution of progressive Klezmer from Amsterdam.


Year: 2016

Artist: Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Videoproduction: Tividorfabriek

Skullgazers by HipSick: Nadîja Roza Broekhart & Vleer Echevarria

Other HipSick performers featured: Anka Pajor (lady in gold) , Laura van Santen (circus director)

Styled by HipSick: Old lady with dog, Twins with rat