SINFLØD (2017)

For Motel Mozaique 2017 in Rotterdam, HipSick partnered up with a movement called SINFLØD.
We want to bring the climate problems closer to people’s world of experience, making the intensity tangible. SINFLØD is our answer to the urgency of climate change, from an unexpected angle. Looking for a different perspective to spread this pressing story, we connect climate change with the dark symbolism that is leading in the metal music scene. We moved away from the iconography that is so commonly associated with this subject: documentaries, infographics and journalistic approaches. The start of SINFLØD is a fact.


Vulnerability is a part of all our lives. But we like to disguise and hide it. We hide it behind our faces, clothing, stereotypes and routines. Delikaat exposes the lifetime of an old lady. It shows fragments of her past and present, amidst her disorientation. Familiar yet surrealistic situations shows you what life can be about.


HipSick got to do some performing and styling in this videoclip by AKB.

In 2016, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band celebrates its twentieth anniversary with the release of a special album: Oyoyoy.

Antago (2016)

a short performance based on the state of having contradictory aspects within ourselves and facing our own fear of self reflection.

Delicate (2015)

Interactive Installation & Performance for 5 Spices in collaboration with Co2Ro and Marta Gonzalez // Radion Amsterdam
5 Spices. Playground of the Magical, Bizarre and Futuristic.
5 Spices Lounge events are immersive and will speak to all your senses. As you take a step into each of the Lounge events you will enter a different world, be taken on a journey and leave with an altered mindset. Dare the experiment, be surprised. 5 Spices is a new initiative centered around experiment, co-creation, and experience with a diverse group of artists.

Club Wellness (2015)

Club Wellness is a project of Hipsick, D’buster & Studio Ruwedata. A once in a life time experience! Enjoy our hospitality, lets you control by our wonderful staff which fully dedicate their lives to your enjoyment. Including: The wheel of fortune, hot tubs, cocktail bar, hostesses, pool attendant, nail studio, massage, palm trees, prodent smiles and much more. Or less. Whatever you wish for!


“Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects.” In search of boundaries on stage, ofcourse, with a tease. Are there any rules? Or can we just have fun?